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Salt Hot Tub Soak

Besides the obvious relaxation we enjoy from soaking in hot water, have you ever wondered what is so special about soaking and relaxing in saltwater hot tubs? Here at Shoji Spa and Lodge, we take great care in giving our guests the best experience possible, down to the smallest details, that’s why we chose salt for our tubs! Our hydrotherapeutic salt hot tubs aren’t just gorgeous, private, they also have many health benefits! (And you should know, when combined with massage, you’ll feel unsurpassed joy!)

Joint and Muscle Relief

Salt water soaks are actually good for your joints, think Epsom salt! Salt water is naturally more buoyant than fresh water, think about how light you feel while floating in the ocean. What this means for you, is that you will naturally be able to float around in your own little ocean at Shoji, while gazing at a canopy of tree tops. Taking weight and stress off of your body provides much needed relief to your joints. 

Salt water is also known to have healing properties on swollen and tired muscles. If you have suffered any sort of muscle injury or are simply feeling overexertion from your daily routine, a hot soak in a hydrotherapeutic hot tub can help reduce swelling and provide relief from aches and pains.

Salt Hot Tubs are Gentle on Sensitive Skin and Eyes

Have you ever gone to the pool just to end up with dry and itchy skin afterwards? How about red eyes from the chemicals in the water? Fear no more. Salt water hot tubs are far more gentle on sensitive skin and eyes than chlorinated tubs. Interestingly, the concentrated amount of salt in the tubs produces a natural ‘chlorination’ that keeps water clean and free of harmful bacteria, all while being gentle on bathing beauties. Salt tubs are a more natural way to relax and enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy, without all of the added chemicals.

Mental Health Benefits

Scientific studies have reported evidence of a better state of mind after taking a soak in hydrotherapeutic hot tubs (as though we didn’t know, right?). Stepping into hot water can instantly improve mental health, and has been known to reduce symptoms of anxiety. Hot salt water also improves blood circulation, relieving tension kept inside of tight, stressed out muscles. Salty body, happy mind!

Our Hydrotherapeutic Salt Hot Tubs

Shoji Spa and Lodge is the only private outdoor Japanese spa on the East coast of the United States. We offer an incredibly unique experience for each and every guest we have the pleasure of serving. Our tubs are nestled on the edge of the Pisgah National forest, in private open-air bath houses where you can feel truly connected with nature. Sink in, soak and savor the sounds of the forest, the beautiful view of the mountains peeking out from behind the trees. Breathing in the fresh mountain air and dropping deeper into your warm and steamy paradise, you might start to wonder how long you’ve been inside. That’s the beauty of our mountain escape, time seems to fade and you are able to completely relax your mind while you find peace and the true meaning of relaxation.

Whether our guests choose to spend their soak time meditating and enjoying the quiet, or with a friend sipping on a refreshing glass of wine, we receive the highest praise and feedback on our guests’ experiences here in our sanctuary.

If you haven’t been convinced of the healing benefits that heat and hydrotherapeutic salt hot tubs can bring, come experience for yourself! Stay overnight in our unique accommodations. Shoji Spa and Lodge is the perfect destination for healing the body and the mind at the same time, all while spending time in a tranquil, private, transformational, natural environment. Click here for more information, and we’ll see you soon!

A Therapy As Old As Time Fri, 25 Oct 2019 20:42:29 +0000  In essence, this therapy involves alternating between hot and cold temperatures, typically in water like a shower or tub.

The heat allows blood vessels to open up (vasodilation), increasing blood flow to our extremities and causing connective tissue to become more flexible. This promotes a reduction in joint stiffness, pain and muscle spasms. Conversely, cold therapy (vasoconstriction) causes a reduction in blood volume to our extremities and increases blood flow in the core of the body. This cycle of tightening and relaxing effectively acts as a “pump” in the lymphatic system moving stagnant lymph around the body and strengthening the core of our immune system.

The lymphatic system’s main function is to cleanse the body and protect against disease but can easily become stagnant when it is overwhelmed with toxins. This can lead to not only impaired immunity but also fluid retention, chronic pain and swollen glands. Stagnant lymph may also be the root cause of swollen ankles and eyes, arthritis, upper respiratory infections and other chronic illnesses.

Here at Shoji, our guests enjoy the benefits of contrast hydrotherapy with the use of our 180°+ wet cedar sauna and cold showers as a part of our amenities pass or in combination with salt hydrotherapy tub, our private spa pass.

As with any treatment, you should always consult your primary care physician to discuss risk and/or benefits before incorporating contrast therapy into your health regimen.