History & Benefits of Himalayan Salt

“Himalayan Salt” comes from the Punjab region of Pakistan near the base of the Himalayan Mountain Range, where the natural barrier created by the mountains seal the salt crystals off from the contamination of civilization.

After Alexander the Great’s horses discovered the ancient salt deposits as they were traveling through the region, people have used the natural salt to find relief from a variety of ailments from high blood pressure, to obesity and diabetes.

Himalayan salt contains over 84 trace minerals that cause its distinctive pinkish hue, including those believed to aid in good health and vitality. To this day, Himalayan salt is used in cooking, as a form of therapy in heated salt lamps and in salt stone massages which speak to its natural healing abilities.

Some Benefits of Himalayan Salt

  1. Promotes healthy blood sugar
  2. Helps lower blood pressure
  3. Supports a healthy respiratory system and sinuses
  4. Boosts bone health and prevents muscle cramps
  5. Improves circulation
  6. Relieves anxiety
  7. Lightly exfoliates the skin and is highly relaxing
  8. Emits negative ions when heated, delivering a variety of health benefits—from higher mental alertness to protection against germs in the air

During the massage, therapists use warmed Himalayan salt stones to apply pressure, using Swedish massage techniques. Over the course of the treatment, the minerals are absorbed through the skin leaving you with a profound sense of well-being.

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage is part of our new Valentine’s Day package available through February at Shoji.

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